Our Services

Ownership Mapping/GIS

The core business of Tri-State Consulting Services, Inc. has always been ownership mapping. Key personnel have been involved in cadastral mapping projects in 11 different states. Tri-State can provide a total solution from the initial building of maps through the integration of a customized GIS application. Training and support are also an important part of the process. A successful project must conclude with the client's active use of the system.

Tri-State also provides a cost-effective solution for small to medium size jurisdictions. Annual map maintenance can be provided to jurisdictions that may not be able to justify the cost of experienced personnel. Many local governments are faced with the need for qualified cartographers, however, the volume of work to be performed does not justify the expense of hiring a full-time employee. Tri-State can readily make its experienced personnel available to any jurisdiction. With the capabilities of transferring files over the internet, a mapping change or correction is simply a phone call away.

Hardware and software can even be provided and included in the annual maintenance cost.

  • Vesting instrument research and copying
  • Vesting instrument imaging
  • Scanning and vectoring services
  • Map compilation from deeds and plats
  • Map compilation from a best-fit method
  • Annual map maintenance
  • Database design and development
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Training and support

E-911 Services

Tri-State has extensive experience in E911 mapping. We provide services for jurisdictions large and small and we have successfully completed projects all all along the South and up and down the East coast. Along with the services listed below we also provide needs analysis, and map maintenance services.


There are many complex issues involved when a mapping project is being contemplated. A local jurisdiction may want to complete a project with existing in-house personnel.

Many questions arise, particularly when the projected cost may be several hundred thousand dollars or more:

  • How do we start?
  • How much will the project cost?
  • How many workers will it take?
  • Are there any acceptable "short cuts"?
  • How do we monitor quality and production?

Qualified personnel from Tri-State can assist you with all of your consulting needs.