About Us

Tri-State Consulting Services, Inc. provides a complete range of mapping and aerial photography services to state and local governments. These services include ownership/cadastral mapping, annual maintenance, aerial photography, custom applications software, and the sale of plotter and drafting supplies.

The company was established in 1993 as a "spin-off" of Tri-State Mapping & Appraisal Service, Inc. which has provided similar services since 1978. This change was brought about by the need to specialize in the ever-changing world of computer graphics and mapping.

As is true with any service company, the product is only as good as the personnel. All of the key mapping personnel have over twenty (20) years experience. The chief photogrammetrist possesses over thirty-five (35) years experience. Because of the dedication of the staff and commitment to our clients, Tri-State continues to receive repeat work from satisfied customers.

The applications software development team consists of a cooperative effort between programming staff and experienced cartographers. This approach has led to the production of meaningful applications for our clients. Previous experience in the mass appraisal field provides the basis for an excellent interface between the mapping/GIS system and CAMA (computer assisted mass appraisal).